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2010-01-23 07:01:28 (UTC)

more musing

i was just reading some other people's entries on this site
and one of them made me think about my first kiss. it was
with Austin, my first boyfriend. the weekend of Halloween
2007, i went to his house to hang out with him and a few
other people. i was the first one there and i had never been
to his house before and it was really nice. his family had
just recently moved there from my neighborhood, although
Austin and i never hung out when he actually lived near me.
anyway, we went to his bedroom and were sitting on his bed (a water bed) and listening to music on his computer when the
other two people that we were going to hang out with arrived.
a song called Smother Me by The Used came on (which i still
adore) and Austin and i somehow ended up kissing while laying
on his bed in front of the other two guests! actually, it was
more of a make-out session than anything else. what a first
kiss! I've heard some real horror stories of people's first
kisses, but i wouldn't trade mine for anything.

that happened on a Friday. the next day Austin and i went to
a Halloween party at a mutual friends house and i still
remember how much fun i had there =). on Sunday Austin was at
his old house in my neighborhood mowing the lawn since that
house hadn't been sold yet. after he mowed the lawn we went
over to my house and got on my trampoline in my backyard.
that was when Austin finally asked if i would be his
girlfriend. such a memorable weekend that was! all my life, i
swear i will never forget it.