Special Life
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2010-01-23 05:19:23 (UTC)

Day 4

A new entry means another day had passed . like i said, i
didn't let anyone find out that i know lelouch Lamperounge
is my brother and the castaway in my family . in class...
lelouch slept again today asnd i heard from Rivalz that he
had been doing it before ... probably cuz he's leading a
double life .

I know who he really is... let it be masked or not, i know
it's him. Zero, the rebellion and the leader of the order of
the black knights... is also lelouch's identity.

along with everything else... this is a secret as well ... i
really hate and suck at keeping secrets but i know that
onii0chan's life can depend on his zero secret ... gotta
sleep ! Oyasumi!