Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-23 04:24:22 (UTC)


I'v read alot of love stories, lisend to alot of love
songs, watched thoses romance movies, but nothing, NOTHING
can compair to the way i feel about Randy. I truely think
he is my other half. Yeah, I know most teenage girls say
that. But this time is different, I can feel it. Unlike
any other guy I have ever dated, I cant find anything
about him I dont like. I love eveything about him. He is
strong, funny, smart, a redneck, he's cute, has AMAZING
blue eyes I could get lost in, and he's everthing I ever
want. I would give my life for him and by some mirical I
know he would do the same for me. I dont see other guys
any more.I cant sit with my friends at a game and pick out
the hott guys there because I simplely couldnt think that
way of another guy if I tried. The only gut that comes to
mind is Randy. Of course, even when I tried not to, I have
thought of the possiality of him breaking up with me and
geting my heart broken. Everyone has to get their heart
broke at some point right? and if I havent yet.... I cant
think like that, I love Randy and if I lost him I would
truely go mad. He promied me I wont lose him intell the
good lord brings one of us home. I sure hope he is right.