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2010-01-23 03:55:11 (UTC)

Shit life

Well this is an other day of boredom. My life is a whole
bordom, i do not know what to do from the begining of my
life i was destined to be this way... The friend. The girl
who still hasnt kissed a single guy. Yes of course me.
This must be my life. I know why, im not slim i dont talk
im too shy all the things that a guy shershes well i do
not have! Everyone is so much better than me i not never
good enough. I dont think i am going to be kissed any
soon. Well who knows maybe by a geek. I am very shalow...
Spa trop trop bon pour quelqun qui plaie pah tellement au
gars... Ohh well im so fuckin used to that shit! I always
say to people that i dont like a guy but whats weird is
that yeahh sometimes i do...well i think i do im not sur
of that cause ive nevr really like someone. I dont even
think i ever did! I think people see me as the i dont now
maybe the nice girl the shy girl the friend the ohhhh im
waiting too fuckin long i cant really take the time to
waite that long i need to like someone fast but i cant
make myself like someone... But the guys i dream about
will that come true? Personnaly i really hope so but im
not in a disney movie like Sleeping Beauty she saw the man
in her dreams and she saw him! WTF why cant that happen to
a girl like me? Well i know why guys are looking for its
all about how you look. They are ALL shallow! Not all the
girls are shallow... Okay yess who doesnt want a hot guy?
Not me. Some fairytales do come true for Cinderellas but
for Anastisias? No. We cant have our fairytale. The
Cinderellas takes the hot nice guys then they break their
hearts and we are afterwards stuck with them but now they
are not as hot and as nice as they were now they are
assholes and fat. Well my friends doesnt help me etheir,
they are all so talkitive and slim. Im like ugly and fat
one of the group. And when the stick figures say they are
FAT i am fuckin pissed off they look so good and they say
they are fat? The angery inside of me is so harsh that i
just go away or sometime just say to them " Fuckk tum
naise crisse t mince comme un curdant vx tu voire gorsse
toer crisse? " I HATE i DESPISE girls who say they are fat
whem they are skinny. If they would weight 200 yes now i
would understand fuckk i hate them sometimes. Well i know
prove my point about fuckin Cinderellas and how i really
fuckin HATE my life wow i never realised that until now
Hmm wonder what i want to do now Kill myself? NAHHHH im
not THAT desperate! No i will get out of my shell and well
get slim... Why would i want a guy that only likes me for
my phisical? Well at least i would have a guy. Well all i
need to do is to be like my sister. Ahhh no never i would
never want to be like my sister she is the worst no one
can even be worse than her except if your sister is a mass
murduer and wants to kill. Well she got the guys and the
friends and in all everthing she wants. Me im the young
one the ugly fat the non sociallable one. She got the
bestfirends. I dont even have good friends that now when
im in pain or when im sad. I need to go online to tell
what i feel. that is so fucking pathetic! I just
completely hate that i hate everything. I try to be more
talkitive but i only am talkitive when my friends are
around when we are in a groupe of people, but not any
group of people at least one of my friends i can talk
anything to. But why am i talking about that i try and
fail each fuckin time!! And trust me i tried A LOT of time
to do that but the conversation really doesnt flow...

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