Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-23 02:59:04 (UTC)

Finally Friday

I talked Randy on the phone for almost two hours all
together last night, I love the sound of his voice, I
love, how much we have in comen I love how, just the sound
of his voice make my heart skip a beat, I love him , Im
not really the fall in love typ, Sure I date, who doesnt?
but that didnt mean I liked them to this point, wow, in
truely in love. =) any way, Grandpa is sick, hes heart is
having problems, I dont know much about it but that he
wont make it much longer. I didnt pass the test. =( oh
well, Im not that upset about it. Snot like the ski thing
was that big to me and now I can hang with Randy on his
bday. I miss him so much. its sota weird, Iv never missed
any one in my life as much as i miss him. sad face! haha
sorry Iv always wanted to say that.