Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-22 23:28:50 (UTC)

Old Diary July 23. 09 - Jan. 1. 10

Just so you know May1 09 - Jan.1 2010 are all copies from
my old dirary.

May1st 2009
Wow, I dont think I have ever been this bord in my life.
Im at this band contest in Lextington. We performed at 7am
this morning but the award thing isnt intell 3. What am i
going to do in a high school, for 7 and a half hours?! I
was hanging out with Brittney in the commens but the noise
got too my head, now in sitting in a cornern somewhere in
the high school, eating puppy chow, and texting Jon. He's
a dork. lol, he wants to come to may track meet this
Thursday... I cant wait to be out of school. I miss the
old summer days SOO much. well, Im going to go see if
theres ANYTHING else to do....

May. 12
Freedom is so close i can almost tast it... I can not wait
to be done with track, i got 3rd and 2nd at the last
meets. Its weird that some one like me ( i fall alot )
would do hurdles. You would think it would be like a death
wish. lol. yestorday, at pratcie I triped on my shoe lace
before I even got to the hurdle, Then I hit my head on it!
Ouch. My brother is graguating from Hasting College this
week end and his party is friday. Its going to be at Chex,
Rebeka, Shai, and Jon are all coming to hang out there
with me. should be fun. Speaking of Jon I sorta jacked up
his knee, haha I laughed.

Finally free! Im going to the lake with Rebeka and Shai
this weekend, should be fun. This summer Im babysiting
Brody, going to Timberlake with Shai, and Diana. cant

Brody is the biggest brat in the world! Ugh! sorry had to
get that off my chest. Last night I snuck out and drove to
this empty feild about a half of mile away from funk, way
back when Ashley Cooper, Brittney and I walked out here at
night to watch the stars, in the summer. I love going
there, its really calm and peaceful. I love that place.

Last night was very fun! Shai, Rebeka, Jon, Brittney.
Stazia, Laura, tori and Diana all went over to Beka's
house and we had a back yard, summer party. lol, sounds
lame but it was really fun. We played volleyball tilmide
night and watched the stars. Jon got me into her garge
alone and kissed me. it was.... sweat. Hes much nicer then
Nick ever was, but I was he would act a lil more like he
liked me....

July 6 Jon was in Funk today, pissed Shai off, he got his
ass ripped from Aj's dad for comeing to Funk just to see
me. idiot.... Oh, well, 4th Of July was fun, I spent it at
shai's. She caught Jon kissing me goodbye and ripped us

July 20
Just got back from camp it was alot of fun. We were in a
caben with these 3 Japenes girl who didn speak any
english. I leard how to say, toilet, you can, no you cant
and Leave me alone all in Japenes. lol. I cant spell it at
all though. Jon is pissed i missed his bithday, well he
can stick it up us ass, he hardly talks to me any more.
Why would I give up can for that? Oh, well.

Today is preaty boring so far, havent done, much. I havent
talk to Jon. he's being weird lattly. Ever est. Shai
caugh us kissing the other night and she ripped us out,
been acting werid. Oh, well not sure how much longer its
going to last. He was VERY MaD at me when I had to miss
birthday for camp. I have 4h in a half hour, the show is
Sunday and my bday is Tuesday...

Aug. 2. 09
Lots has happened. Jon and I broke
up. and got back together. But on my bithday, we went to
the fair together with Shai, and he kept going on rides
with Tori S., maybe Im too
clinging, but it looked like to
me he was flirting his ass off with her. His best friend,
Blake ( who flirts with me ) told me that he was cheating
on me, withch he could be, idk. I broke up with him, I
haddle a guy who is head over heals for another girl. he
called me a week latter to say sorry and invited himself to
the lake with us. There was an akward wall...
He asked me out then broke up with me. I did like him,
but everytime I see him, I think about the fair. ( by the
way I got 3 purples at the fair this year! )
Tommorrow I have an orth. opntment. My real bday party is
coming up. Matt, Colby Shai and I are goint to the Gary
Allan Concert. cant wait!

Aug. 8.09
The concert was AMAZING! we had alot of fun. Shai and I
ended up, 3 rows away from gary, best night of my life. I
learned the drunk people are fun to watch, they do some
strage things. One guy wanted me to take a pitcure of them
on my camra. werid. Another tryed to get me to stand on a
chair and try to croud surf. I laughed at her. We got alot
of beer spild on us. but it was worth it.

Aug 18. 09
School started. Lucky Im in Mrs. A's class, shes the
nicest teacher in the school. The only class I have with
Shai is, The last class and choir. I have "sex Respect
class this quarter, Mr. Ott teaches it, this is going to
akward.... I like most of the teachers. Band is really
this year, Mr. Wise is making almost everyone change
instremts, pluss a ton of people droped out.... I cant
intell the end of Sep. when i can trade in my learners
preimt for a school primint! I hate the bus. Volleyball
starts, next week, cant wait.... By the way i sit by Adam
Larsen in english, not sure how I fell about that.

Sept. 10.09
Well im on B1 team. not bad. at least its the top half.
Shai is on C2. She's not the sport typ at all. We are
kicking butt in the games, Im having a great year, got a
lot of
amazing dives, and saves in, couch said I might be able to
play on A team next week. good deal.
Today was a slow day, I tought I would kill Mr. Ott. How
can I have amazing grades in every class but his? If this
kepts me out off of H.R. Im going to be pissed, we had a
pop quis today over stuff, he hardly talked about! Sigh.
English is good, I love wrighting.Pre Algraga is ok. Just
like everything else. Theres this new guy in school named
Jon Strogh, hes seems nice. Shai is head over heals for
him, I geuss he " Likes me too much," Shai says. Who cares
if he likes, me? Who cares if i liked him back? Its not
about her like she seems to think it is, I should go out
with him just to teach her a lesson.

Nov. 22. 09
Yeah, its been a while. Things arent the best. I feel sota
alone, Rebeka doesnt talk to me anymore, Jon isnt there
anymore, ( both of em' ) Mom is getting worse, ( eveyday I
think about just what eveyone one else does who looks at
her and I does, and I wonder if Im going to be just like
that, and it scares me.)Shai doesnt understand it. she
doesnt relate to much of anything of me any more, she is
trying 2 make me like her, all girly and week, but thats
not who I am. Nor who I will ever be.
Dad's still at harvest so I dont see him much anymore.
Matt and Colby broke up. Matts really down, poor guy. He
took me and Shai to the New Moon primere. it was Really,
good. not as good as the book... I got my school prmit and
drive all the time now! = )

Nov 23. 09
Dave ( my uncle) gave my us a care package today,Does he
really thing that low of us? We art boke, we dont live on
the streets, and if we ever are low of money its when, mom
blows it all beer, but thats not anyone fault but hers! I
hate when people put pitty on us, dave does it all the
we all cant be rich, davE! He hates my dad. Dad is nicer
my mom then anyone should be, If I were him I would kick
her ass out! Butch bit her, not sure what to say about
that. Maybe its best not to say anything. If only Dave
how "well" she treats the rest of us. Another Orth. Optm.
tommorrow, so I get out of school. Shai is going to her
dads this weekend so I have nothing to do. I talked to
today, hes ok, good for him, after all the crap he as done
to me and he still as the guts to call me? Maybe he want a
nother kick in the balls.. and I talk to Jon ( spanglet)
yestorday. hes good too.

Nov. 25. 2009
Its thanksgiving, we went to Matt's to eat, it was good,
bet him in guitar hero. haha... youth group is fun, it
feels weird to go to church now... I spent the night at
Shai's house last nigth, we watch Bride wars, it was fun.
Im staying at Shelley's tonight to watch Brody, On
Saturday dad and I are going to the volleyball game in
lincon. Im going to go read...

Dec. 2 2010
Well, I ran into a chair yestorday, yes, RAN into it.
the chair and messed up my knee, Only I could pull that
off. Jon Spalet is depressed. poor guy, he has had alot
crap to go through. Hope he gets better. Well,it happend.
Shai got a bf, Randy. He seems nice. But i wish she would
SHUT UP about him, lord! Youth group was fun. the lock
is coming up, cant wait! Skyar talked to me on facebook,
called me a slut and said she is going to beat the shi out
of me, yeah cuz im scard of a stort, lil bitch with a big
mouth, I hate her,

Dec. 3
Shai and Randy brook up. and my knee burns, Jon is dating
Sklar now, HAHAHAHA, wow.. Nick is dating Kasey, EVEN
FUNNER! wow, karma is great!

Dec. 9
We had lots of snow days. Mom as been in Kearney all week.
Jon is going to Shai's this weekend and so am I, great!

Dec. 15. 2009
Jon was rude lol. we went sledding, it was fun. This
morning mom threated to move to kearney again, ugh, I miss
my old mom. Im friends with Rebeka again. Shai still hates
her... Youth group is going Caroling tomorrow. should be
fun. Choir concert was tonight, band is thursday and
is the lock in. cant wait!

Dec. 19. 2009
The Lock in was fun, but Jon spanlet had to come over
2 hours before shai, talk about akward... he went through
all my stuff, yes ALL of it! he even found my dirary, I
took it b4 he could read it. then made fun of me for
one, its not that lame right? Oh, well, at least its over
now. Shai and Randy are going back out, great, and i was
starting to like, him .... Shai would kill me....

Dec. 26. 09
Randy and shai broke up, and I think Im in love.... he
nascar, country music loves to hunt, is funny really
and Shai would kill, me shes, going to kill, me shes going
to kill me...........................................

Jan1. 2010
I went the big apple with Rebeka, and Victoria, it was
fun... Im dating Randy! =) she will kill me when she finds
out.. hes really nice... i really like him.. lets pry he's
not a dush like all the other guys.