Special Life
2010-01-22 23:06:23 (UTC)

Day 2-3

I didn't write for two days cause i was busy . i became part
of the student council and found out more about the students
and the guy who looked like nii-chan too. Here's the data:

Name: Lelouch Lamperounge
Position: Vice-president of student council
Sibling(s): Nunally Lamperounge

I was shocked when i saw their names . their names are
exactly like my own siblings. but i dun really want people
to know this secret but my real name is in fact... Noelle Vi
Britainia . here's what happened during the two days :

2nd Day :

I became part of the council that day ... since i dun have a
house and i can't go to the palace, President (Millay
Ashford) ordered lelouch to let me stay at his house and
since it was an order from the president, lelouch couldn't
disaggred . I'm writing this entry at his house for the
fact. my room's beside Nunally's and across Nunally's is
Lelouch's room .
3rd Day :

I couldn't belive this . I found out that Lelouch really is
onii-san but i plan to keep it secret and pretend that i dun
know anything. even Nunally is the real one ! The only
people who know about it are Millay, me, Villeta-sensei and
the ashford family of course. I gotta go i'm afraid. Night
all !