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Living with motor neurone disease
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2010-01-22 23:03:08 (UTC)

how it began....

I'm now 20 years old and have a 3 year old little girl we
both used to live with my mum until it all began...
It started around the begining of january 2009 when my
mum used to go out shopping and to work and kept falling
now and again, at first the doctors thought it could have
been a mini stroke or something similier. It went on for
months gradually getting worse. Then it happened.... on
the 30th march the same year i had just put my little girl
to bed and was coming down the stairs when my mum called
my name as i went to see what was wrong she was pale and
her arms were just hanging and she could hardly talk. I
knew at this point it was serious, as she begged me not to
call an ambulence i dialled 999. As we waited for it to
arrive i attempted to carry my mum to the sofa.
Later on that night my older sister arrived at the
hospital and we waited for what seemed to be hours,
finally a doctor came to see us and mentioned cancer quite
alot. Days went past and within 4 days i had seen my mum
be able to walk to having to use a frame for very short
walks and a wheelchair the rest of the time.
Eventually we found out my mum has motor neurone disease
which is a muscle wasting diease and you eventually pass

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