Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-22 21:46:23 (UTC)


Shai- Best friend, most of the time. funny, crazy, loud,
random,smart, but really bussy and stoborn

Randy- Boyfriend, likes most the same things I do, is
really sweat, cute, funny, amazing, strong, love of my
life,... I could go on...

Rebeka- Friend, we were best friends intell Shai came
along, funny, weird, starange, odd, loud, crazy, est.

Brittney- Good friend, know her est. 3rd grade, I can tell
her anything, she is loud, and weird. a lil of a dork.

Laura- Good friend, bit of a dork. funny, preverted, loud,
the party typ.

Stazia- Friend??? Drama starter, guy stealer, slut,
dramic,.... Ill stop now.

Jon Spanglet- Ex bf, sorta a friend, depends on the day....
jerk, rude, funny, odd, fun to fight with. lives near alma

Jon Strogh- Good friend, computter nerd, church buddy.

Nick - Ex bf, I talk to him now and then, can be nice, but
most of the time not, fun to piss off.

Matt- big brother/ best friend. Trust him more then almost
anyone, understanding, funney, smart, looks like me, but a

Keshia- WORLD'S BITTEST SLUT/ BITCH, we were best friends
intell 6th grade.

Skyar P.- BITCH... like keshia only a bit better... sorry
had to get that off my chest.

Dad- Amazing father, farms, still thinks I'm 6, but I love

Mom- Depresion, drinks.. not my fave person, but I still
love her.