My Thoughts
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2010-01-22 18:51:10 (UTC)

I miss me.

How do you mend a broken heart? Have you ever had that
sharp pain in your chest that makes your heart race, and
your eyes fill with tears? It's not anger, it's pain. The
pain of thinking or feeling lost. I miss you, or maybe I
miss me.Sometimes I feel like I lost myself when we were
together,and now I have to find me again. When you give
yourself to someone and they leave, they definitely take a
piece of you that you will never get back but I want me
back. The part that knew nothing of you, the part that
doesn't miss you, and the part the knows I can live
without you. As I phase into the new me. The old me
reminds me that I still love you, but the new me does not
want too. My battle scars appear in the form of short
meaningless relationships that my mind, body,and spirit
are disconnected from. How do I reconnect with me?
Patience is a virtue but the journey is a long
dirt road with no memorizing scenery, rocks that cut your
feet, and clouds of dust that make it hard to see ahead.
How do you mend a broken heart? Although plenty of
time has passed I still have the sharp pain in my chest
that makes my heart race, and my
eyes fill with tears when I think about you. I miss me.