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2010-01-22 16:20:38 (UTC)

Amy and Lexi (a sex story)

Amy is a 6th grader.She had her best friend Lexi come over.
Amy is 5'6 and Lexi is 5'8.Lexi is taller she is in the 7th

Lexi has 34C boobs which are pretty good.Amy is still
growing she has 26B boobs maybe a little to big for the
average 6th grader.

Amy has nice brown hair that reach her shoulders she has
wavy and a twist of
puffy hair.While on the other hand Lexi has a mix of black
and blonde hi-lights
in her hair her hair is straight and all of the hi-lights
are curly.They both go
MAGNET in south/west Miami,Florida.

Lexi has a nice round ass and a perfect cheer leader body a
perfectly shaven
pussy.Amy always stare at her in the shower room gym at
school,she had always
dreamed to fuck her and today that was gonna happen.

Amy got her phone and dialed that number 7-2-6-3-1-5-2-8-2-4
and called (not a real number tho.).

Lexi picked up. "yes, hello ohhh, hold on a sec"
with the short pause Amy hears a buzz in the background and
hears Lexi moaning
into her way of a orgasm.

Amy has always wondered what is that she is doing to
herself, Amy is a virgin she
has never masturbated but has always had a weird feeling in
her pussy and later
has found her sweet cumm on her underwear.

then she said "um,Lexi what are you doing,can you show me
what its like?"

"sure i'll bring my stuff over matter a fact i will do it to
you any you will
feel what it's like,don't worry you'll like it trust me,i
was just like you and
i'll give you a gift or two, see you there."

"ok, if you say so alright bye!!"

Then about 48 minutes later Lexi came over with a play boy
book bag on her back
she locked the door behind her and hopped on Amy's bed.Amy's
jaw dropped.Lexi
danced around Amy,shaking her ass leading Amy's hand to
(Lexi's cult)Lexi's
already wet cult.Lexi moaned.Amy looked at what Lexy was
wearing she wore a thong
with a short mini shirt showing off her thong with fishnet
stockings black high
heels and a black bra.

Lexy spoke to her "you're a lesbian right cause i see in
the locker room you
stare at me...you're horny for me?"

"yeah i love you"

"show me that you mean it"

"i don't know what to do i never had sex before"

"thats ok i'll show you what to do,but first do you want to
be mine,my

"how could i say no to that you're my best friend"

"not any more you're my girl friend now"

"take your clothes off and put on these clothes"

Amy did what she was told she wore a pink thong and a tight
bra that matched the
thong, the thong had a built in vibrator about 5" inches
long then she put on
long socks that reached her thighs with a
pink,black,pink,black stripe pattern.

"yes very good, now come in bed and lie on your back"

Lexi put in the 5" inch vibrator in Amy's wet pussy and put
it in and out a few
times just to test her. A short moan escaped Amy's mouth as
she gripped the bed
covers tightly.Lexy went in her play boy book bag and got a
remote and clicked
the first button,a slow pulse and low buzzing sound.

"ok now lick my cult,eat it out"

Amy took off her partner's clothes ALL of her clothes and
sucked and licked
Lexi's cult as Lexy moaned and screamed amy's name and
begged for more.12 minutes
went by until Lexy orgasmed she never knew cumm tasted so
good.Amy kinda explored
Lexy's body without being told she immediately slurped up
the cumm and started to
kiss Lexi laving her tongue in and out and down her throat
than she lightly bit
Lexi's nipples and gently sucked on them they both came.and
Lexy orgasmed. After
5 minutes after she calmed down and got up and took off
Amy's clothes And tongue
fucked her and she has a hickie in her perfectly shaven

"ok Amy you did a good job so now its time for your prize"
Amy's eyes lit up.Lexi went up and got a big Vibrator from
her bag it was pink
wave ridges on it for more pleasure then she got a cream
from her bag it was
about 1' foot tall and it said:ORGASMIC PLEASURES on the
back it said dont apply
more than 1 DROP! the vibrator is 10 inches long she didnt
read the back and applied 10 drops and rubbed it on the
vibrator and licked off her fingers it has strawberry banana
chocolate flavor and pressed the highest number and put it
into Amy's hot pussy Amy screamed and moaned with pleasure
and pain and blood
came from her vagina. she thrusted it in deeply hitting her
hard while it was
still vibrating.

"its to big it wont got through me"

Lexi rammed the whole thing in Amy sobbed softly and
thrusted it in and out of
her then rammed it in again then finally orgasmed the cream
made her keep cumming
she stopped cumming hot cumm for 30 minutes and then Lexi
started pumping two
fingers in her now tightening pussy she pumped and thrusted
and did the 'come
here' sign with her fingers still in her pussy and licked up
the hot cumm. then
they took a shower together and sucked each other out and
went to sleep with soft
vibrating pulses in their pussies.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!! i hope you liked it!!!

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(this is my first sex story)