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2010-01-22 15:51:49 (UTC)

Rockstar? I think Yes!

So I'm moving to BC with my boyfriend in about 17 days and
its the last few days of highschool for me. My senior year,
and everything is falling together nicely.

There have been a few dramatic events with my friends and
not getting along, as I am the only one with a boyfriend in
the group. Even the guy's dont have girlfriends so I am
always spending the majority of my time with him and not my
friends from school.

I guess you can say that that is kind of pushing us all
apart and i dont like that feeling. I wish things could
stay the same forever as i didnt have a boyfriend a while

Pretty soon it will be Ryan and I's 10 months being
together which is a huge deal, and i will be bringing him
to BC to meet the rest of my family and i am really excited
for that..

Today my friends and I are dressed up as rockstar's. We
iced and papered Mac Swan's Car. We have blisters, cuts and
bruises. We are wearing four inch heels all day long and
wearing our badass attitudes on our sleeves. Its great.

This is how the end of your senior year should be.
It should be filled with memories and pictures and laughs
and cries. But together as friends.

I never want this to change, and I will keep in touch with
my friends forever.