No Second Troy
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2010-01-22 15:44:30 (UTC)

Who are these people in the apartment upstairs, and why do they just stand there and watch me?

There is an apartment one level above me, and on the
opposite side of the hall. It has been vacant for months.
Over the past week I have seen a strange array of people
standing in the wide-open, uncovered window. I am yet to see
a moving truck or a car pulling a trailer. I told myself
they must be maintenance people of some kind.
I stuck with that explanation for a couple of days. It was
then that I noticed that there has yet to be a stranger's
in the lot. Not only that, but they are there at night. Late
as in 3am late. It's really starting to freak me out.
Every single time I leave my home, one of them watches. They
do it blatantly. I make eye contact, it becomes a fixed
gaze. Why won't they turn away?
I find it creepy knowing they see me each time I take my son
to school, take out trash, get the mail, pick son up. I find
it much creepier that I am yet to see the same person twice.
As of today, that equals 6 people. That is a 2 bedroom unit,
and in this city you have to obtain an occupancy permit to
have utilities. That number would not be allowed. So, a big
family trying to be sneaky?
No. It doesn't appear that way. Why?
One- it is just too quiet. There is NO noise. No vacuum,
no TV, nothing. From the view provided by the window the
unit still looks pretty damn empty. It is almost always
dark. I really don't think the
electricity is hooked-up. This is also why I nixed the
"maintenance people" idea. No equipment, no tools, no truck.
Not even the smell of fresh paint.
Two- it is an extremely unlikely mix of people. A middle aged
Latino man, a more elderly, very scruffy, child-molesterish
man who looks very much like a haggard alcoholic bum.
There is a girl/woman. White, couldn't be older than 20.
Looks "hood". Doesn't look like bum-man, so I doubt she's
his kid. There was a rather
overweight younger man. I would label him as more of the
hick type. Odd mix of characters. Odd age ranges. Just an
odd melting
pot of culture going on up there.

Part of me says, call the landlord and ask if we have new
neighbors. But, Kent is such a pompous ass, good for nothing,
lazy fucking prick who can shove his little dog up his ass.
Now, I have NOTHING against the dog, but he likes to go into
units when people aren't there and he likes to bring his dog
in with him. I have seen him do this to others before. One
neighbor was behind on her rent. It was less than 30 days
past-due since he hadn't stuck an eviction notice on the
door. One afternoon he thought she was gone and was
intending to throw out her property. He walked through the
door (with dog), and she's sitting on the couch in a night
robe that was "ajar". I guess she just got up and clocked
him. He called the cops, and there was a huge scene. I went
outside during the sirens and screaming. He was freaking out
and cursing the cops because they refused to arrest her for
assault. His excuse was, " I own it". Blah, blah. Ha, you
bastard. Moving on, I
am sure he's been in my place before. I've seen him do it
over stupid shit, too. Not worth writing about, but still
scandalous. He can keep his ankle-biter
outside. My oldest is allergic. And the man knows it.
Anyhoot. This thing with these crazy-staring people is
driving me nuts. I have boyfriend of 7 years who works a lot
at night. I am feeling really uncomfortable in my house
alone. I've had this dream that I look out the
peephole, see a flash of fabric pass as if I had been
spotted spotting them, then the old man rushes into my door
before I can grab the telescoping baton I keep by the door.
Then, he basically beats me to death with my baton.
That usually ends the dream. The worst part is that I
actually keep a baton there. I never had it out before. When
I started getting an uneasy vibe from "them" I felt
compelled to put it within reach.
I have never had an unexplainable feeling of dread this
terribly. Usually if I get a "vibe" or "notion" it ends up
being with good reason.
I am not a paranoid, conspiracy-theory kinda chick. I have
no idea why this has struck a nerve like it has, but I am
My boyfriend thinks I've gone nuts. (He also would come in
the house and be like,"these fuckin people were staring out
the window at me." He also said it made him uncomfortable.
He's a BIG dude. What's got him feeling uncomfortable?!
Something does, and all I know is that it is not the fear of
an impending rape. They are freakin creepy-ass weirdos.
That's why.
I read my entry about halfway through, and it does sound
like a crazy lady bugging out... or some forensic show
script. That's what Kenny said to me, that I watch too many
shows about people getting murdered. Not dramas, the real
ones. The stuff you see and hear actually happened to some
poor person. I told him maybe I've seen just enough to know
when someone's about to do something heinous. I just don't
understand why I am so terrified of these people when I have
never felt like I was being "targeted" before.
I think I may just send a letter to the property management
company as a whole, and tell them the neighbors are scaring
everyone. (There are two other tenants who also feel unsafe
now.) Maybe they'll be like, what neighbors? Who knows, but
I gotta do something to calm down.

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