Bojuna's world
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2010-01-22 14:43:38 (UTC)

life is wonderful if you wanned to be

Well... there have been times of darkness when i never again
see light and there have been times when i wanted to dance,
sing and hug every person i met ....
So now it,s time of darkness,i guess..
oh i just wanna cry,cry tear after tear roll down ma face.I
i don,t know why.
Wanna cry my heart out just can,t thou.
Today i messed up my first class,
i feel like...
i can,t explain wasn't always easy for me to explain
why i feel this kinda feeling.

Still thinking,,,thinking about everything. Maara called me
and he said he love me. i wanna believe.
It's a wonderful feeling to know that someone loves you and
cares you.What I'm i going to do FORGIVE or FORGET him??
what should i do for now? Well in reality he is not a man
who is i was waiting for. For short he is not my prince,
but i feel much better just in case.He called me.Maybe i was
waiting him to call me. He called,n he told me 3 kind words
that "i love you"..........
Yeah everyone can say i love you BUT....

I'm a person who is extremely sensitive, maybe
lovely,funny and Romantic.yeah romantic one.
I wanna love someone dangerously, wanna be loved crazy,wanna
someone who makes me crazy, who makes me so happy.....
Someone where are you ??? where u at?
yeah wanna taste great love, wanna feel special one......
where are you?