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2010-01-22 01:37:40 (UTC)

Unable to sleep this night!!!

Dear diary, it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm not even
feeling tired! This is very surprising! I don't know why
this night is different from all others! Normally I can
sleep quite well undisturbed. The moment I laid my head
down to rest I was unable to keep my eyes closed, perhaps I
have things on my mind! When I come to think of it I
definitely have things on my mind!

One thing that is definitely plaguing me is the fact that I
failed my IT exam two days ago! I had a chat with my
lecturer and he told me that I would be given a second
chance to retake the exam so I'm going to do this at the
end of February! I have decided that I'm going to grab the
bull by the horns, go for broke, study harder than I've
ever done before and hopefully this will suffice! I want
this exam real bad so I guess I'm going to have to work for
it. My eyes feel strained as I stare at my computer screen
but I don't know how I can soothe them! I will try to get
to sleep once more in about fifteen minutes. I guess I had
to release my thoughts to you though, this is a great form
of release for me!

Tomorrow I have a friend coming over as he wants me to help
him out with his laptop problem! I don't mind this, I
actually enjoy helping others with their computer related
issues. He offered to buy a pizza as there's a buy one get
one free offer right now which is pretty good. Anyway, life
goes on I guess! I'm really glad that the weather is
starting to improve now! I much prefer the sunshine over
snow anyday! I think we've had enough snow to last a life
time! So, that's it dear diary! You are my true friend and
I like the fact that you never condemn me, you never judge
me but you accept me as I am! Thank you! Andrew

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