Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-22 00:44:59 (UTC)

Long Dam Day. Thursday Jan, 22, 2010

Well today was a long day. I rode the bus to school ( to
foggy to drive) and had almost a normal day, then came
P.E. We are square dancing and I got suck with Presten.
EW! Every girl, in the room said sorry to me. I was I lil
shocked when Jon didnt ask me. I wish he did. Not that I
still like him, but hes a good friend. It would make
things a lil less akward.. I wish that the teachers
asigned our
paters to us. Its such a popularity contest! And it makes
you feel like crap when all the other guys
wont even look at you. Its not like I should feel bad,
after all Im dating Randy. He's really nice, likes most
the same things I do. and I really do love, him, more then
I even loved Jon,more then I loved my own life, and i
would even give that up for im and All my friends like him
too ( in a good way like a friend,
not the "in love with him and
going to steal him away way" ) All but Shai ( my BEST
friend. She HATES him. She doesnt really even like that Im
talking to him, no less dating him( okay okay I havent
talk her about us dating ) , yes I know they dated, but
she dated fur like a week and dised him all the time! Iv
dated him for almost three weeks. and think hes a great
guy. I know I shouldnt start fights with her over guys,
but its not just that, she thinks she can tell me who i
can and cant hang out with! She gets mad when I talk to
Rebeka ( old Best friend, now just a good friend) . or
Brittney ( an amazing friend) . And its not fair! Sigh.
Rebeka's not thrilled that Im still friends with Shai
ether, but she is at least trying to get along, and doest
care when I do talk to her.
yEStorday at youth group we played the trash can game
and it came down to me and 3 BIG guys, it was scary! lol.
THere, I was asked to play in the church's praise band. I
think it would be fun. I cant wait. The youth group is
going Ski en next month, to go I have pass this sicence
test tomorrow... I want to go, but Shai isnt going and I
would be gone on Randy's bday and I dont know how to tell
him. =( I guess I'll leave it in god's hands. Well, Id
better go study, WIsh me luck.
-Elly Sunami