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2010-01-21 23:08:03 (UTC)

Rainy Day Blues

Dear Diary,
Why? Why me? Why did he have to pick me? Out of all the
other girls in the sfv area why the hell did he have to
ruin me?

Men…fucking pigs. Their all the same…well at least him and
my dad are exactly the same. God forbid they ever want to
talk it out or fix it…NO! No of course not its just too
easy to walk away and give up. Well maybe easy for him.
It’s been at least 2 months since he broke up with me…why
do I still feel broken? Why does my heart still hurt? Why
do I still love him?

He’s done so many terrible things to me…cheated, lied,
broke my heart over and over and over again, the one time I
actually did break up with him and move on he ruined that
relationship and pulled me right back into the same cat and
mouse games.

He’ll never be happy. See he tried to make me into this
girl that he is head over heels in love with…see how stupid
I am, he loves someone else…anyways, he tried but I’m not
her and never will be. Saddest part is she’ll never see him
like that…she’ll never love him like I did…she doesn’t care
about people the same way I do. He doesn’t either though so
maybe they are supposed to end up together. And hey they
both cheat so they can cheat on each other and have a great
healthy emotionless materialistic relationship…good for

Until Later,

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