Heaven after Hell house.

The rise and fall of Lexxy
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2010-01-21 18:40:56 (UTC)

jan, 21. 2010

hello, so as iv said b4 i lived a crazy life 4 a little
wile. and honestly i wouldnt change a thing about it.
aside from losing my husben, i enojyed my live of a sexed
out party girl with bookoo weed. Many of the lovers i had
were great friends i had made wile living in what i like
to call hell house. i dont call it that because it was
hell...i call it that because it was fun as hell. my
mother is shocked whenever she finds a new thing that i
did when i lived ther. she always asks me if i feel shame
for it. i alwas say: i lived in bliss when i was ther.
she doesnt understad it...but then again she doesnt need
to. i learned how to make a man rithe and moan in complete
delite. i found the life as a raver exiting and new. as if
it was another world that only a few ppl are able to
reach. my best friend lived ther with me as well. like me
Alissa was also going threw a divorce. on most nights a
girl named Jayne was our leader. i befriended her and
tryed 2 understad her...but jaynes biggest fantasy was to
have a big horse fuck her..litteraly. so im sure u can
imagen that i had a very hard time relating to her. but i
had alissa. and she and i were like sister. although we
never had sex togther we always wanted to, and we were
always at eachothers sides. in many ways we were the
same..but in others we were day and night. she, always the
fearles strong and smart one. wile i was always forgiving
weak and silly. yet we conected in a way that iv never
done with any one b4. if you ever had a chance to watch
the movie called: the other bolyne girl..you would without
a dout think of her and i. she has since the 1st time i
met her been my herioan. yet hardly needing it herself. i
often wonder what it is like 4 her to have a friend that
always needs a shoulder to cry on..and never wanting one
herself. always she will be my girl. her at the time boy
friend wasnamed adam. and as time wore on the 3 of us
became tight as hell. even now that they r no longer
dating we r still the 3 amigos. alissa and adam r my
family. being in this state with out then breaks my heart.
we talk almost every night. and text every day. i remember
one time i got to suck adams dick..and i was amazed at how
big it was...and his balls were larger then what id ever
seen..consitering i was in hell house thats saying alot.
of causei had alissas blessing to do it. i think i enjoyed
it more then he did lol. but i supose i should start
talking about present happenings. i am still going threw
the divorce, and im renting a room from my mother and
uncle. pathetc i no. but im still just 19. and so it
doesnt sound too bad yet..now if i was 25 an still living
at home then therd be a problem lol. i have my cat dante
wich i got wen i was still with lonny..yes i didnt ven
leave him my cat lol. ill fill you in on all my crazy shit
as it happends. ta ta 4 now.