Special Life
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2010-01-21 08:05:59 (UTC)

First Day

My first day at a new school ... *sigh* just like before , i
just entered the class then I'm already popular ! Sorry, my
introduction first. My name's Hanazono Noelle and I'm a
high-schooler. For me... my first day of school is just like
before. The reason i transfered school is bcuz my dad was
transfered somewhere near this school to work. My new school
is Gakuen Yume and translation... Dream High.

I sat next to a guy and he looked kind of familliar like my
late brother. That brother was kicked out of the house cuz
he spoke back to dad. He took Nunally with him too.

I think that nii-chan just spoke his mind! He wasn't doing
anything wrong ! if i could hav choosen... i would rater be
by onii-chan's side than my own fathers! Besides... dad
doesn't really care for me anyway ! i'm close to my other
siblings but i'm espically close to Nunally and i guess
Hikari too. Hikari's my twin for your information.

I'm thinking of adding some of my songs into this diary
other than just my day entries XD I gotta go ! Late !!!!

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