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2010-01-21 04:11:32 (UTC)

my life

im so confused why is life so difficult y dose everything have
to be so hard why cant u just walk threw life as a grownup
like u did when you were a kid with no worries in the world
like all u had a problem with was going to school and that was
it y cant life be life that in the futcher y can one desishon
mess up your life so much that u wish it could be fixed but
you cant or why cant life be like a tv show were in the end
everything is fixed or why cant a guy n=be like a guy on tv
who knows whats wrong and dosnt blame you for everything i
wish that he can see the right and wrong in life and live up
to everything just like on tv insted of real life sometimes
girls do wish there lifes were a fairy tail but they doo we
all want our lifes to end in a happy ending but we always
worry it will not

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