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The rise and fall of Lexxy
2010-01-21 02:32:46 (UTC)

jan. 20, 2010

So...Im a 19 yr old girl who got married at 16 to a 21 yr
old bastaed named lonny. I lived in sun valley nv, wile I
was with him and now im in north carolina going threw a
divorce..i left him in nevada lol. when i 1st left him i
moved to reno into a house full of a bounch of friends
that loved to fuck eachother for fun,..and i started doing
it too...for 5 mounths my life was the biggest party in
the world. I drank wisky every day till I was smashed.
fucked non stop an had free money from unemployment coming
my way non stop. i lost myself in weed, and men an
drinking. i spent what little time i didnt waist doing
that, as a freak of reno. i put a sex slave collar on my
neck and had a friend named Jayne walk me around downtown
as my mistress, and made a splash werever i went...in
between all this I spent my daytime hours crying my heart
out for my husben..ironic i know. When i finaly relised
things between us wernt going to pull threw, i moved to
north carolina with my mother to start a new
life...without the drinking , drugs, sex, and what
not...the crying remains but as time goes on i hope it
will stop. at 1st i hatedit cause i didnt have any
friends..but now iv made some good friends..well lets see
what happends.