Losing weight..motivation..a baby
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2010-01-21 00:35:09 (UTC)

Working on myself

Dear Diary..
I have made some major changes in my life recently.
These changes are in many areas of my life.
On December 28, 2009, I decided that it was time for me
to get healthy. One of my biggest desires is to have a
baby, but in order for that to go smoothly I know I need to
lose weight. It has been 3 weeks and I have lost 8.2 lbs.
It is something I am very serious about, and I will
accomplish my goals this time.
Last week, I sat down with my husband and poured out my
heart. This was very hard for me. You see, my husband has 2
sons with his first wife, they are 6 and 8. He is not
completely sure about having a baby now. I have not had any
children, and it is something I so desperately want. I
told him how much I want it, and I was crying. He is torn,
he said that sometimes he wants it, and sometimes he
doesnt. I encouraged him to think about what I want. He
already said if we got pregnant, not planning, then he
would be ok with it. He said he is having a hard time
making that official decision. We talked a lil more and he
came up with an idea. He said I should continue to lose
weight so Im healthy, and since Im a teacher and want a
baby born in the summer, he will pray about it, and we will
pray together. And, we will start trying in September. He
just wants a peace about it. I want him to want a baby like
I do,but I know if I get pregnant and the baby comes,then
he will be excited.
My two step sons keep bringing up the baby idea. They
really want me to have a baby. They have brought it up 2
times in the last week, and I havent said a word. I think
God has a way of showing u things even through lil people.
Well, I should stop writing, so I can talk more tomorrow!

Love, JulieAnn