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2010-01-20 23:35:11 (UTC)


Oohhh check it out.
Fancy internet diary, or blog as some may call it.
Im kate, i consiser myself a pretty normal teenager. Vague
i know.
I live in New Zealand, party place of the southern
hemisphere to be honest. It's crazy down here.

I got up at 12 today, it's now half past 12 and i've had
breakfast and need to brush my teeth. Which Should be
exciting, the anticipation of finding out which type of
toothpaste mum and dad last bought is really quite

I always type to fast for my fkingers to hangdle, so i
make makny tiuypos. I went back abnd correctd most of just
then, but for the sacxke of my point i'm levingf this
sentecne un edited to show you my skilss.

Chuck me some feedback if you're feeling ambitious, ways to
get rid of pins and needles, or suggestions on what i
should wear tonight.

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