My Life
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2010-01-20 22:30:06 (UTC)

My Life

Hi. My name is Ashley. This is my life. Okay. My crush is
not really a crush anymore. I really really like him and
theres just one problem. Somehow were kind of related. I
realized that I liked him before I figured out that he was
related to me. I already told him but when he figured out
that we were related then he said that he wouldn't like me
for that reason. I mean I really like him and strangly it
doesn't matter to me that we are relating and it's kind of
weird but "the heart wants what the heart wants." He will
talk to me but he said he would never like me and it don't
really matter to him if I do like him. He said that he
won't be freaked out or anything. But I kind of realized
that he will be freaked out because he talks to my friends
more the he talks to me. I still like him now at this very
moment. Then after like 10 girlfriends I kind of got sick
of it. This time it was one of my friends and before they
started dating Zack's (my crush) ex-girlfriend told me
that Zack was dating 6 other girls while he was dating
her. So I told my friend that and she thought that I was
just jealous and making stuff up so she told Zack and he
called me wondering why I said that. I just hung up. Now I
figured out that my best friend said that Zack only dated
her for sex. I never said that and he thought that I did
so he is really mad at me. I mean really really mad at me.
He won't even talk to me anymore unless he wanted to yell
at me. I get sick of it expecially since I swore to him
that I didn't say anything like that and he won't even
believe me. I told him that I never said that like 10
times but he don't care. According to him like 10 people
told him that I said that but i don't even talkt to the
people that told him that. He said "oh well cuz I don't
believe you." This kid is like killing me. He don't even
care that I love him and I do love him.

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