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2010-01-20 12:47:29 (UTC)

下雨天 Rainy Day

下雨天 Rainy Day

下雨天了怎么办 我好想你 Rainy day what’s the matter, I’m
thinking of you
不敢打给你 我找不到原因 Afraid to call you, I cannot find a
reason to
什么失眠的声音 What sound is keeping me awake
变得好熟悉 Changing into something familiar
沉默的场景 做你的代替 The silent spectacle becoming your
陪我听雨滴 Accompany me listening to rain drops
*期待让人越来越沉迷 Anticipation making people more and more
谁和我一样 Who is like me
等不到他的谁Cannot wait for this one
爱上你我总在学会 Failing in love with you I’ve already learnt
寂寞的滋味 The lonesome taste

一个人撑伞 一个人擦泪 Someone unfolding, someone rubbing
their tears
一个人好累 Soneone who is very tired
**怎样的雨 怎样的夜 How’s this rain, how’s this night
怎样的我能让你更想念 How can I possibly miss you anymore
雨要多大 How heavy the rain is
天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴 How dark the sky (does it have to be
so I) can finally have consideration
其实 没有我你分不清那些 Actually without me you cant distinct
between those
彻别 接近还能多一些 Penetrating changes closing in which can
still be greater
别说你会难过 Don’t say you’ll feel bad
别说你想改变 Don’t say you want to change
被爱的人不用道歉 The loved victim doesn’t need to apologize
期待让人越来越疲惫Waiting makes people more and more exhausted

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