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2010-01-20 12:02:58 (UTC)

Bit depressed today!

It's Wednesday 20th January and I'm sitting at my computer
reflecting on my experiences yesterday! I'm carrying a
huge weight on my shoulders right now and I cannot see any
form of release just yet! I decided to take my IT exam
yesterday and well, I failed! It was real close but I
failed! I really thought that I would pass but I always
knew that it was going to be tough! So, I was told that I
could resit the exam and I am planning on doing this but if
I fail it for a second time then I will call it a day I

I didn't do that well in school and I left with no formal
qualifications whatsoever! However, two years ago I
decided to start studying for some IT qualifications and I
passed them all! This latest exam that I just failed,
well, it's a real "Kick in the Teeth!" as they say!
Otherwise, life goes on I guess! I continue to lounge
around my flat and there are so many thoughts running
through my mind! How am I going to make this a year to
remember? I don't know! Where will I end up? I have no idea!

I'm trying to maintain my positive attitude but it's very
difficult at times especially when you have friends who are
constantly looking at things in a negative light! No doubt
my mood will improve over the next few days! I would love
to sit my exam again and pass it this time so I guess I'm
making last minute preparations! I'm waiting for the sun to
show its face so that I can get out there and start cycling
once more, this keeps me sane, this keeps me happy! Andrew

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