fernando's journal
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2010-01-20 06:21:33 (UTC)


well moon day went with no interesting news i work 4 hours
which is bad and i don't work till Saturday, and Sunday; how
many hours? i don't know well i suppose to meet again Hayley
in salsa class but i didn't feel like going cuz there is no
time to talk so i call her before saying that i wasn't able
to go and get a date for some other time, to which she just
told me this week is really crazy I'll talk to you some
other time. so i guess i caller on sunday besides that
gustavo is dating 2 16th years old idiots i went to school
work out in the morning and i get my car back tomorrow so i
gotta pay any ways i Mitch just ask me the money of his
laptop sucks to be poor i'm off

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