Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2010-01-19 15:45:32 (UTC)

Birthday Girl

Last week was my birthday! I'm one year older closer to
death! YAY!

I had an amazing birthday weekend with my friends. I would
have to say everyone showed up expect my two other friends.
It was so great! It was also the first time my boyfriend was
meeting my frends and it went so well! My guy friends really
really liked him. Especially my buddy who usually doesn't
like my boyfriends. My boyfriend most definitely made an
impression :) It's different...

I'm changing my life this year for good. I've started to
looking to workshops and writing services available at my
university. I'm so determined... please don't stop me.

I'm ready for life. I'm ready to get my life started. I'm
ready to get my life started with my boyfriend.

I need to get ready for school... bye bye!