Caz's spiritual Journel
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2010-01-19 14:48:10 (UTC)


Well, have been feeling for a while that i should be
writing my inner thoughts down onto paper and had a kind
of validation today, twice actually. So i will everyday
try and write a little something, ideas and inspirations,
writing sent from others, sent from within, or whatever
comes to me. Today during mediation i got the words need
clarity.. clarity, that can mean a number of things.
clarity in varoius situations. mental clarity. umm,,,
have to think about that one.

everything in this life happens for a reason and the deeper
you delve into the unknown, the more your soul opens up.
whatever happens to you is meant to happen and you will
only open up as mush as you are supposed to. go with the
flow. dont annaylise it all.

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