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2010-01-19 06:43:07 (UTC)

welcome bakk

weel srry i have not been on here lettinqq yhu kno mahh secretsz. alot i repeat ahh lot has went down since dee last entry. mehh ndd mahh boy toy hadd ahh biqq fiqht ndd i thouqht our relationship was over budd we worked ihdd out. mahh qrndmothahh is nn dee hospital. i been qettinqq ahh lot of unknown fone calls ndd stuff people been tellinqq mehh stuff i cant even believe. officially ahh first place winnahh ndd state qualifier. mahh dad knowsz about brandon finally. mahh bby ndd mahh bby bro is beefinqq. fahh wat idkk. im sendinqq dis nn on mahh cellphone ndd im talkinqq tew brandon. fyi; he sleep. ummmmmm mahh mama aint start her new job yet. cant qo down state. mahh feelinqsz hav not been exposed nn ahh lonqq tyme. competition dis up cuminqq saturdayy. ndd dee next widd varsity. i quess datsz ihdd fahh now im kind of sleepy finnahh qo tew sleep tew aloonq widd mahh bby; mahh everythinqq brandon qudd nite ndd see yahh soon babesz. tew finqahhsz