green spiral mead
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2010-01-19 04:41:22 (UTC)

Finding it hard to find faith

I read an AboutME from a mutual friend on Facebook, and
she talked about the way God's working in her life and how
happy she is and all the friends she's making in
Australia, doing a mission-thing. I was instantly inspired
and in awe of how bold she was to just say these things to
the whole audience. Everyone else had maybe one or two
words or sentences: "Hey, all" or "School is hard" etc.

I want that. I want to be there, again. I want to be the
way God intended. I want to encourage others. Lead others.
Be not-fake, to everyone. My whole life was turned right-
side-up, the day that I realized God calls his children.
Once I felt the way we were intended to feel inside and
saw the way we are supposed to see eachother; how we are
supposed to actually care about one another. Not just pass
eachother by and be annoyed by others. Not just live in
our homes and watch the TV. Not just excel in our own

We either love Good and hate evil, or we love evil and
hate Good. All in all- that's what it comes down to.