Terri's Disabilities Journal
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2010-01-19 02:52:12 (UTC)

week 2 - my post

The models that were presented in the reading are the
Biomedical model, Functional moodel, and the Sociopolitcal
model. These models are a good standard to go by but no one
individual model is the correct way that disabilities is
just doesn't cover all the bases.

The Biomedical model sets one standard to treat all
disabilities. While this is a good way to start treatment
everyone has to be looked at as an individual. This
statement is correct for everyone not just a person with
disabilities. It is good to have a jumping off point but
everyone needs individual care and assessment.

The Functional model seems to say that people with
disabilities are unable to funtion with the trials of
everyday life. That they could not cope with all of the
things that life throws at them. There are a lot of people
that have disabilities that live and function in society.

The Sociopolitical model is my favorite there are just not
as much knowledge and resources that there should be. I
feel that there should be more knowledge more laws made to
accomodate all forms of disabilities.

I really never thought that much about disabilities and what
it means to an individual or to a family, until it happens
in your life and your family. I was never uncomfortable
around people that have disabilities, because it always
seemed like someone in our extended family had a disability.
Then my beautiful niece was born at 28 weeks and is lucky
to be alive, but she has severe CP and now we are all active
in our community. We are all advocate for her special needs
and for others. My children treat people with disabilities
the same as everyone else. I was very proud of my children
when a little boy that has Treycor Sachs (sp?) started going
to my church. He has no ears and his face is quite damaged.
He looks very different from my kids and he has a whole lot
of other problems, but they never once treated him any
different from the other kids.