Terri's Disabilities Journal
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2010-01-19 01:12:07 (UTC)

Week 1 - Reading response

My Response to Danielle Smith

I totally agree with treat others as you wish to be treated.
Everyone wants to be treated the same, I am not saying that
there are not different levels of disability, but think
"ability" not disability. My niece wants to be treated like
all of the other kids she knows that she is different, but
she wants everyone to talk to her and treat her normally.

Danielle Smith Posting

Sociologists have participated in the treatment and views of
disabled persons within our communities by cross-cultural
comparison. Reviewing the treatment of normal versus
disabled persons in other societies shows that the cultural
context plays a large role in determining who will be
labeled “disabled” and thus how they will be treated (Pg.
16). From this chapter I realized that is not a universal

I particularly enjoyed reading the social model theory and
the views on how society limits a person’s daily/life
activities. The series of questions comparing OPCS and Mike
Oliver’s questions assessing disabilities was an eye-opener.
Removing the individual for fault and putting more emphasis
on the society’s lack of initiative to make everyone feel
like an equal. It is a brand new concept to me.

I can see two parts to this. It seems that if we follow the
social model theory there is room for people who have
self-inflicted impairments, for instance complications
associated with obesity, to advocate for societal changes
that may not be necessary. But if we follow the individual
medical model we are separating and labeling a portion of
the society that doesn’t necessarily deserve nor want that
label. Or is there any way to really make this kind of
distinction at all? I think I need to keep reading and
studying this subject to truly understand the implications
of developing a social model for responses to disability.

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