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2010-01-18 21:35:42 (UTC)

Another entry to end the day!

Well, it's still Monday 18th January 2010 and I guess I
will be retiring for the night soon! I have college
tomorrow morning and I'm preparing to take my IT exam on
Thursday! I'm really looking forward to this although I am
a little nervous as well, I just hope that I pass the exam.
As I sit at my computer it's very cold and my fingers are
literally frozen as I type away on my keyboard.

My evening was just an average kind of evening! I cooked my
meal, it was two turkey steaks tonight with potatoes and
lots of barbeque sauce! I also snuggled down on my
favourite leather armchair and I watched Eastenders as well
as Emmerdale and Coronation Street! I guess I'm addicted to
these soaps now! I like the fact that they tend to be based
upon real life issues! I miss out on real life so I suppose
I become at one with the characters in the soaps!

I live in a one bedroom flat and I have been living here
since 2002! The landlady is wonderful, she's like family
now! She's Turkish and I remember meeting her dad for the
first time when he was showing me the flat. He drove up in
his jaguar, all serious and stern looking! I'm pretty sure
he thought: "What the hell do we have here!" He probably
noticed the tattoo on my right arm! Anyway, he turned out
all right and we got on well. My landlady visits me once a
year now when we renew the tenancy agreement! I just really
count my blessings that I'm living in such a nice flat.

Now, I'm going to do some other stuff online before I
retire for the night. My world revolves around computers I
suppose, I absolutely love all things computer! Andrew