Terri's Disabilities Journal
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2010-01-18 20:05:31 (UTC)

My contact with disabilites

I have everyday contact with people who have disabilities.
My niece is 11 years old and she has Cerebral Palsy (CP) it
is very severe. She cannot sit, stand, or walk on her own.
She is unable to feed herself, and she has a very limited
vocabulary. To be honest unless you are with her a lot you
would have a hard time understanding her. She has no mental
disabilities, she actually reads at a higher level than her
grade. She wants to be treated like a normal child, and she
hates it when people treat her like she is a baby. A lot of
people will baby talk to her (at times like that we are
lucky not very many people understand her) and Sidney (my
niece) will say "Is she stupid" although that is not
politically correct she does not understand why people can't
treat her normally. So the way that she wants to be treated
is the way I treat everyone that I come in contact with that
has any kind of disability. Everyone that has a disability
knows that they are different must it constantly be pointed
out to them.

I have a nephew that is deaf and has a cochlear implant. He
is in kindergarten and on target with everything that in the
curriculum. He was born with profound hearing loss and
totally lost his hearing by the age of 1. He also wants to
be treated normally. There are many people that think they
can scream in his face and make him hear, and he also
becomes disgusted with this.

I think the thing that I have learned from being and and
caring for people with disabilities is that while they are
special and might have individual needs, they want to live
normal lives and to be treated like typical people.

The local open door school has a slogan and it is "Think
ability not disability"