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2010-01-18 13:23:48 (UTC)

Monday 18th January 2010

It's 1:13pm and it's really cold! I'm sitting here at my
computer trying to compose another diary entry and my mind
is almost empty. I have Sky News blaring away in the living
room, I like to have this as background noise if that makes
any sense! The chap is still continuing to pain outside in
the hallway and I thought I would offer him a cup of tea
which he gratefully accpeted. Not everyone likes to be
helpful these days so it's nice to try and change that,
play my little part as it were!

Let me think! I'm a qualified IT Technician and I found
this website where I could offer free technical support to
others who who having problems with their computers! I like
this and it's giving me some experience I suppose in
helping others. I'm unhappy with my weight, I'm starting to
put a few pounds on around the waist and I'm not too
pleased! I'm missing my cycling but I won't go out if it's
wet and extremely cold! I've been keeping a regular diary
all my life and I suppose I have been writing about
everything mundane in my life! I'm quiet natured and I do
love my own company. There's nothing wrong with that I
suppose. I find it difficult to get close to people, I
always maintain a little distance! I don't want to be
thought of as cold though as I'm not! I'm really warm
inside and I do care about others!

I have been living alone for many years and the first time
I left home was at the age of fifteen! I guess it was a
shock to the system back then but now I have come to accept
that living alone can be quite nice. I love my independence
and I would not have it any other way. It's mid afternoon
and I think I'm going to dig my playstation 2 out and have
some fun! This tends to cheer me up! A favourite game of
mine is 'Medal of Honour Frontline'. I guess this helps me
to escape for a short while and become someone different! A
hero on the Normandy beaches in World War 2! I'm an adult
and yet I'm an innocent child when it comes to gaming! This
is amazing! This is my second diary entry and I'm beginning
to enjoy the process! I hope I get some readers! I'm not
worried whether my diary is boring or dull, I only hope I
have some readers! Andrew

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