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2010-01-18 08:11:08 (UTC)

Monday 18th January 2010

That's not a way that I like to wake up come first thing in
the morning! I've been up about five minutes and I had to
rush out of bed when the buzzer on the intercom started
blaring away! "It's the painter!" Who? Oh yes! I then
remember, we have a group of painters and decoraters
repainting the walls! I always feel groggy in the mornings
until I've had my favourite brew, a hot mug of PG Tips!
This seems to hit the right spot everytime!

It's still quite dark, the sun has not risen yet! I want
this cold weather to disappear as I'm missing out on my
regular cycling! When I'm cycling, I'm free! Cycling gives
me so much freedom and when I'm on the bike it feels as
though I am being cleansed deep inside, all the rubbish and
excess baggage I don't need suddenly disappears!

So, my mind is clear now and I have been up for twenty
minutes and as I focus on the day ahead of me a thought
comes to mind: exam questions! I'm still studying for an
IT exam which I have to take this coming Thursday! I'm
going through the final stage now whereby you have to put
everything you've got into getting it right and passing the
exam! I have become so bogged down with this! I've studied
so hard and I sometimes think to myself, was it worth it? I
have my computer maintenance A qualification and yet I
have not used it as yet and I so want to! I want to fix
people's computers and this gets me down from time to time.

So, here we go! My first diary entry! Who decides whether
this is a good or appropriate entry? I guess I will follow
my heart and release those toughts when they arise. Thank
you for reading! It's time to make my breakfast which
always consists of two boiled eggs,two pieces of toast and
a hot mug of pg tips, not forgetting Sky News which I have
to tune into whilst I am munching away! Andrew