fernando's journal
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2010-01-18 07:51:32 (UTC)


well i went to my date . i t was just one hour, no a big
deal i didn't try to hold her hand or anything like that,as
some times i do just to fool around when i really don't care
about the girl, (just like this date i had this first date
with Kristy and she told me that had never had a kiss before
so i tried to kiss her, and just freak out on the parking
lot of my apartment. that was funny and even tho she told me
do not i keep trying along the date, we had some other dates
after taht one but i just stop calling her) i liker her
better than the first time i meet her, we just had some ice
cream from byu creamery. Experience had taught me to not to
pay on first dates like guys do in Mexico. cuz in America
you never know what is going to happen after the first date.
you migth no see her again, but i was kind of in mood. even
tho i know i can't spend a lot since i have to pay mechanic
on Wednesday, i did. among the conversation she is going to
Chiapas next year or so , i don't remember, for something in
school which is my home town i just kind of joke that i'll
send stuff 4 my parents with her, since i don't have any
plans to go any soon. her mayor is nursing and her minor is
Spanish, i don't know how is that connected but is kind of
good thing for me, i i absolutely i fit perfect for her on
that . at 1 she left at her study group and told me see you
Tuesday in salsa. Which i'm not sure if I'll be able to go.
cuz my job but if i don't is jus a good excuse to caller,
and if I do is.... i don't know yet. any ways. Saturday
night i went back really sleepy from work and i dint wanted
sleep cuz i''l wake up like at 2 and then not been able to
sleep, the plan was going out, come back at 2am, and then
sleep, to wake up for church on sunday at 9 but i did fall
sleep and when i woke up i couldn't get back to bed till
like 5 in the morning which led me to not waking me up for
church so i didn't go so i'm a sinner. just kidding, i'm a
sinner but not for not going to church but for other stuff ,
i was still reading this Tatiania's journal which is getting
pretty intense, she is not any more a stupid teenager but a
college girl giving away blow jobs but hesitating on having
sex b/c she wants to stay virgin.isn't stupid the way girls
think ? anyhow i woke up at 1 i went with paco to get some
groceries, then we went to Provo mall where we meet with
Gustavo, a friend from my home town which i meet here, he is
around 21 or 22, and his girlfriend is 16, really crazy
isn't it but this time she brought her friend of same age
trying to mingle with us, we went back to my apt after that
an played some guitar hero and rock band then this girls
left like at 8 or 9 which is not surprise and nex thing i'm
her 12 50. so those are all the up dates .... see you
tomorrow dear diary !!!!!i just sound soo stupid

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