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2010-01-17 20:52:16 (UTC)

Moving in and out

I am so tired of moving...I think since I was the age of
15. I have moved at least twice every year. Im 21 now, so
that makes 12 times of moving!! I do it everytime without
a fight or bicker. This time it was pretty easy, I moved
from my one bedroom apt. to a three bedroom apt with my
boyfriend. Now many of you may think that is awesome to
live with your boyfriend...THINK AGAIN!!

I have lived with my boyfriend on and off for about 4
years. We do great for the first 3 months, then it is all
down hill from there. The arguements last for weeks
instead of days and so does his best friends around the
house. I like to be able to walk around in my undies or
shout while im "with" my boyfriend, but is kinda hard to
do that with 2 extra guys always breathing down his neck.
I think that my boyfriend cares more about making his guys
laugh than anything about me.

Most would be asking why are you with him. Well
truthfully, I dont know, all I know is im totally in love
with this guy and I have been since I was 17 years old.
It was one of those love at first sight things...not that
I believe in that, but with him there is not doubt. I
feel like I have been bewitched by some one to love him
unconditionally till I can no longer love anything but
him. Scary right...I know scares the shit out of
me. :lol:

Time to move more boxes and take a smoke break of both

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