green spiral mead
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2010-01-17 05:40:22 (UTC)

For the future

Kids are tough. I've heard it said a hundred times, I'm
sure. Grandparents are even tougher. Never heard that one.

Our daughter is turning 6 this year and it seems that I
came in to the picture too late. She's spoiled to the
core. Sure, things could be flipped around in this house
and to a point, they are. But it's not enough. It's not
enough when she steps out of this house and things are
different. And around and around we'd go with the
grandparents about what was okay to watch on t.v.
Practically NOTHING as far as I'm concerned. We don't have
cable in our house. This whole situation could go in a
direction that I think would benefit my daughter... But
then there's the fact that I'm not her biological father.
I wasn't here to see how things were. I wasn't here to
decide what direction to go. And to change things now,
seems as if I'm trying to point at all the inaccuracies
everyone had in this child's upbringing. I'm more the
father-figure to her... And she lets me know it.

And though everyone knows that I mean well, it is just
easier to let things be the way that they were before I
came into the picture. I'm a bit more conservative and if
I know that there's a better way to act, I did try to
impliment that into our family. It became hard, and I know
it's not easy, but without any support- ...

It will be different with our son. I'll have a say, from
the get-go. I can put my foot down, guilt-free. He can
trust me. I will have been his guidance from the beginning
and he will know me to be a man of my word. TrustWORTHY.
It will be different. God willing. -I can't wait to have a
chance to really be trusted. To mean something, that much,
to someone.