fernando's journal
2010-01-16 18:03:58 (UTC)

friday night and first date with hayley

well my Friday night last night was really boring i got my
cell canceled by over paid so i couldn't, call any of my
friends to do something actually one of them show up like at
12 tell me that he was calling me and i didn't pick up the
call, so i was just here on this stupid computer reading the
journal of this girl i don't even know but is sort of
interesting stuff i wish i had found this place when i was
16 or something; well i read from this girl something i knew
well actually i had to learn , and is that when you are
nice a good guy with girls things will never work out , and
something kind of frustrating is that she knowledge it but ,
also confess that she don't know why is she doing that, any
ways before that since i don't have a phone i hada to go to
the Elc to use the one is there is free but you can only
make local call, (i'm glad she is from Orem ,) just to make
sure were are we going for our date, i didn't wanted to be
cheese or anything i just went straight up, i'm wondering
were are we meeting us tomorrow, then she ask me to go to
the dinning room in BYU cuz she has a study group at 1 and i
just said alright this is pretty much it why i was calling
for so see you then then she answered me in spanish in a
kind of cool accent no-s ve- mos ma-na-na which means see
you tomorrow it was kind of funny to hear that, the thing is
this girl is not really very good looking but i still have
to keep asking people on dates and going out just to kind of
practicing for when i found a girl i really like , more over
when i meet her she is such a bad dancer that i thought that
she had a limp or something like that, after staring at her
for a while i realize that she is just a really bad dancer ,
any ways i woke up today at 10:30 to get ready for da date
and there is not hot water in the bath so i'm just waiting
on the boiler to warm up some is 11 and my date is at 12 so
i better go