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2010-01-16 05:10:32 (UTC)

January 15,2010

Well today as been another day. Just the same as always.
Not having anything to do. I wish I was more prettier,
skinner, and cooler. I need a boyfriend, Georgia! I've
been single since last summer! And its hell! My dad says
that the guys are afraid of me. I don't believe him of
course! I want to grow up already! I hate being 12 years
old! It's gets sooo boring! I hate this life! But theres
nothing in my power that I can do to change that. Oh well,
guess I'm just going to have to live with it. I just
watched Angus, Thongs, And Perfect Snogging! I have to say
it is one of the best movies that I have ever seen! I love
the way it was about a 14 year old girl just searching for
a boyfriend, and to get the perfect tounge sandwhich. I
just wish that I had friends like she had, Georgia and her
friends had their own happy dance. And I'm not close
enough to my friends to have our own happy dance. I guess
everyone is just to cool for stuffies like that. Ok, I
think it's about time to stop feeling sorry for myself. I
like feeling happy and confedent about myself. As I do
prety much every day, going to school holding my head up
high. Just waiting for Trevor to insult me in any way he
can. And which is what he does do. Not on a daily basis
anymore. He has called me fat and a freak and I don't even
know him! Oh well. I know that I'm awesome and I love
myself for who I am. And if he doesn't like the way I am,
he can fuck off. Because I like the way I am, and I am not
here for him am I? Absolutly not. I am here for me, and me
only. That is why I am going to make something out of
myself oneday, while he is sitting on his lazy ass. Ok,
enough Internet Diary for now. Next time I get bored, i'll
be back.

Bye Georgia!

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