fernando's journal
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2010-01-16 02:20:19 (UTC)

first day at my new job

well i said, or i guess i said yesterday was my first day at
Texas road house, and went ok. The place has lots of
business which is good, is always packed with people from
opening to close , i had a rally bad time before getting to
work b/c my social didn't work and i was afraid that for
some reason they regret to hire me, and i were jobless
again. talking about this very quick the firs job i had when
i got here was in MacDonalds. then i left that job for
going to summer sales in Texas and Oklahoma which it sucked.
when i got back i had a hard time finding job cuz it was the
bottom rock of the economic turn down it was really hard
find o job back in those days, any how, i handle to get
fired every time i found a job, just to mention some of
those places really fast the first one was azteca then was
a factory that i actually never went to pick up my check cuz
i forgot. then, i guess was diego's, then, cooking taste
right then, stumpy burger, then barbacoa, and the last one.
but i quit on this one, was pastorero, probably i'm
forgetting one i don't know pretty much i think i only
work like 5 or 6 months out of the whole year last year, any
ways i don't want to have the same job forever but at least
i want to settle down in one for a bit, the actual thing
that got me stress is not exactly not having a job but all
the debt i have right now, that was the stress any ways
going back to my first day i got promise by the owner to get
paid 8 dollars but since he didn't got me in the system the
guy that did got me 7.50 and that he would ask to chad
whether is ok give me the 8 dlls . any ways the place is
full with beautiful waitresses, and i like it , but at the
same time a huge remainder of how ugly I am . anyhow i guess
i'll still be able to hit on some of the not that good
looking waitresses and have some fun. actually my trainer is
pretty hot, short but hot. i got back at home like at 12am
i ride back with osvaldo.
and today i just went to the gym and i did some grocery
shopping with the money i got from osvaldo i know is not
enough even for the expenses that this money is planed to .
but i just been very carefulness about my nutrition i only
eat crap i never have money to buy anything so i always eat
at work, my mom got my used to eat healthy and back in high
school or benemerito the boarding school i went to they
took good care that. but ever since i got here. since i
don't have enough money for my basic needs i try to spend
the less in food i can . at first i thought that it wouldn't
matter cuz i always had a healthy nutrition but after 2
year going to 3 i know my body is not ok any more
and i have to do something about it in other things, i'm
happy i start this journal some how keep me talking to my
self the fact that i know that at the end of the day i will
write what i did . more over makes ponder about my self and
my current relationship with god also i got hook in some
random retarded 16th teenager's journal, the first thing i
wanted to do this morning was to read more out her
journal, ther is nothing amazing on her journal is just the
fact that you can read what ever she things are is going on
in her life, i'm in the part of her stupid 16th in 2003 but
is kind of interesting to me get to the part when she goes
to college and that stuff i know i can skip that part and
read what she wrote today but i don't want i guess i just
that gettin to figure out the opposite sex is a very
valuable thing any ways i'm off

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