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2010-01-15 22:10:03 (UTC)

Some years ago on college

Hallo, how do you do?
Some years ago I have started a new course on a college.
Instead of that of two years length, I have entered on a
four years to degree. It was more difficult because that
was a university not a college. They dont teach you to use
computers or programs, but to make codes and math. Not,
they ask to solve problems and learn by yourself and being
on class every night. Yes it is a night school, but with
the same program of the afternoon and morning degree.
It is free but not public to enter, there were a difficult
group of tests on maths and grammar.
Now I am there and trying hard to pass from first year. The
bare difficult was to make homeworks in a team. They didnt
work on homework, overheighting me. Results, good on group
homeworks, fault on individual classes.
I tried to go on a school roommate or to rent a room near
from university. It didnt happen.
Well I have invested on old technologies to help me on
studies, small celphone with wireless tech to access
university dbase and a led printer to save time on
homeworks. They didnt work very well.
I watched another day, the movie of life of president of my
country. He started poor and fight to degree on school,
never gaved up. A not happy event on his life made him to
decide to become a leader not a simple happy worker on a
country. When life passed over him, he waked, cleaned the
dust and ride the life and helped us on this future.
Schools will start again on february. Oh yeah, I meet a
people that was from that generation I liked much ten years
ago, how they face the life with lessons took from live and
have fun.
Good night to you and thanks by reading.
My penpal friends, Ive read from years, have their diary
inactive, but last entries shows how they have been wise
and growned
in 2k1 to 2k3 and till 2k7, like some writters. Never give
up of life is the lesson we can learn from diaries.

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