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2010-01-16 00:40:31 (UTC)

No, my name is not Luke

It's a passage from the bible. If you're not 'religious',
then this will hold no meaning to you. It was Luke 9:62.
It reads: "And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his
hand to the plough (plow), and looking back, is fit for
the kingdom of God." The plough is a reference to
farming/working and being ready to serve the Lord.

This used to be my favorite passage, but has since become
the verse which condemns me, for I have become
motionless/useless to any purpose for anything above this
family and the compass of this house. I remain positive,

So I am Luke, in context to the reference of the bible.
For the task of meeting the commands therein- and to
remind me of the times that I do not.

God is good.