A day in my life.
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2010-01-15 21:41:30 (UTC)

New Here.

So here i am. I was looking for a place to blog or just
express who I am but I Have decided this may be a better
place then ever. No pics for anyone to say oh wow don't
wanna read her. Not that im unnatractive just im not the hot
girl in high school.
So if you read this I guess thanks. I dont know why anyone
really would I guess Im just going to be reading this for my
Friends are one of the most impatient and drama filled
people ever and im really not wanting the drama anymore. So
Im going to college. Soon actually and all I can do is worry
and squirm. What if I dont get in? well theres got to be a
stupid enough place to take me dont you think?
I would think so.
I hope soooo.

Well all my love,