painted tragedy

Sugar High Kill
2010-01-15 21:41:10 (UTC)

giving up or breaking up?

Things always for himself. I make him things, I buy him
things, I tell him how much I care about him.

What do I get? I feel like I am giving up and going without.
I need to be reminded what I mean to someone. I get him an
xbox, I save up money to go see his dad because it is what
he wants. But what do I get? All the letters that go
unanswered. He doesn't know how much the letters mean to me.
To me they are almost sacred.
I have been asking for months to go to the aquarium. I want
an itouch. I want him to love me, to tell me he loves me, I
want him to tell me I am beautiful, I want sex, I want to
feel wanted, I want oral sex.
All the things I give and give up, and for what?

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