Protege Moi
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2010-01-15 20:18:05 (UTC)

A new year, a new start...?

This is getting too much to handle.
I have to get this out, but I've got nobody to talk to. I've
been avoiding my best friend for a week now, because I've
convinced myself that she doesn't need me any more, and I
refuse to let anybody become a real friend because they'll
eventually abandon me. My life has gone downhill at an
alarming rate these past few months, it's even worse than it
was before, and I feel like there's nothing I can do about
it, since I refuse to talk about my problems. Because I can't
stand to look weak. How pathetic is that? All I ever seem to
do these days is get lost in my own little world, one where
everything is perfect and I'm doing what I love. But then I
come back to reality and everything is really fucked up, and
I'm not doing anything to help it because I refuse to tell
I am 16, in college, and I fear I won't be here much longer.