Tay Tay
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2010-01-15 20:10:51 (UTC)

Men, Life and Social

So, to start my first blog... this is kinda like Carrie
Bradshaw from SINC. EEP.
So apparently its cool to sit in on a friday night with a
large glass of rose wine, watchin Greys Anatomy?! Had good
plans for tonight, but current friends have better ideas? My
current life as it stands is currently trainin to be a psych
nurse which means i have no social life...whatsoever. The
percentage of meeting someone of the male species is very
limited...which sucks. And even thought I might have
possibilty met some one they seem to not txt or call...
The annoyin thing is, is that most of my nurse friends,
currently have happy long lasting relationships, but I can't
seem to find the same. If people can be born unlucky, I
think thats me. Woo. Sometimes feel life as myself is
complete rubbish but also comical at the same time. I would
actually prefer to be at the hospital now, helpin people
rather sat on my backside drinking wine.

My life is exciting ha!
Until the next time...

Tay x