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2010-01-15 10:43:34 (UTC)

my life?,

i dont know where to like,
post this thing. so i just lookd for a diary online.
itll be really cool if i get frndz online too(:

im pree much normal i guess, buh my lifes kinda complicated.
if i meetchu online or something, il tell you evrythin bout
my life.
i guess i just need a friend that i could tell evrything to.
i have a frend i used to tell evrything to, buh he doesnt
seem to care no more.
i have a bf calld dj3, nd hes pree much, the BEST(x
i love him so muchhhh.
nd like,
im really tired.
my life really rocks3
hehe :D
if you wna talk to me, im shur i wna talk to you back so
just, what, frend request?
idk bout this site so yea ;p